How to make your curls last longer

Every girl want to own a beautiful, flawless, bouncy curls, since the curly hair looks very shine and 
attractive. But many girls wonder how to keep beautiful, flawless curls last all day.
Today, I want to share some useful tips with you on how to make your curls last longer. By 
the way, all these tips also work for body wave and kinky straight hair. I hope my advice is 
useful for all the girls.
Usually, we use hot tools like a curling iron or flat iron for well defined curls or waves. You can also 
create heat-free curls by using rollers, scrunching your hair, braiding it, or twisting it.
The following step is the basically procedure to curly your hair.
1.Heat up the curling iron. Most curling irons will need about 5 minutes to heat up before you use it. If the temperature did not reach a certain temperature, the curly could not hold very well. 2.Apply a thermal protectant product to your hair before styling. Then, the curl sections no larger than the iron and use a heat setting appropriate…

How to dye or perm a human hair wigs?

Every girl likes to own a long black hair just every boy want to own a strong body. So many girl  likes to go to the hairdresser salon to change her hairstyle. Hair coloring and perm is the most  common way to add the beauty of the hair. But hair coloring and perm will damage their natural hair, So many girl likes to wear the human hair wigs, then they could perm and color the wig by themselves. But how to perm and dye the wigs could reduce the damage the wigs.
Many girl wonder that dye and perm which kind of hairstyle hurt the human hair wigs more seriously. In this blog, I will make a brief introduction about how to dye and perm the human hair wigs.
When you want to perm a human hair wigs, firstly, you should wash your wigs, then take a thin strand of hair from the middle section, then wrap the hair strand around a curling rod.Place the end of the hair strand on top of a curling rod. Wrap the hair around the curling rod until you reach your scalp, then close the rod.
You do not need to …

What is necessary when you decide to buy a wig?

Every girl want to own beautiful and thick hair, They think it is a sign of health and vitality. But it is  a little difficult to grow a long hair in short time, Some girl like to add some hair extension in the hair salon, but it is a little complexity. Some girl like to purchase some bundles and sew them into a wig, It is still a little complexity. With the development of the hair products, more and more hair products could meet us different requirements, such as lace front wigs, full lace wigs, 360 lace frontal wigs. Different wigs has different feature to meet your different requirements. When you decide to buy a wig, there is some factor you should consider.
First, You should choose a hair color. If you wear the wig for the first time, I suggest you to choose the regular color which could make your transition more comfortable. For a natural look, choose the same shades as your natural hair, or a wig within one shades.
Second, You should choose a lace color. Please match the lace color…

Why so many customer prefer glueless lace wigs?

Beauty is every woman’s nature, the woman also have attained rights and capital. I believe every 
woman desires to be beautiful. It is her nature and lifestyle. To own a thickness hair is a sign of good 
health and full of energy. Some customers prefer hair extension products, it not only could add the 
hair length, but also could add the hair volume. Other customers prefer 100% human hair wigs, since 
it is a ready-to-wear products. Models and celebrities also like to wear some hair products to make 
them look more gorgeous, Most importantly, the human hair wigs can add to your confidence level 
and beauty.
With the development of the hair industry, there is hundreds of hair products for your option. The 
most popular of these would be glueless lace wig which allow them to alter the hairstyle very 
convenient. As the name suggests, the glueless wigs are applied without any use of adhesive or glue. 
This entire process of applying the wig is less time consuming. They have the same function wit…

A year in Alibliss which could change your lifestlye

2019 was a year of growth, progress, learning, improvement, exciting, love and the most import 
things is transformations. This year we should make some new goal and achieve it.
___Transformed short hair that could not show your vigorous to long hair.
___Transformed thinning hair that could not make you attractive into the thicker hair.
___Helped brides all over the world achieve the wedding hair of their dreams.
___Helped those affected by medical issues restore confidence with the hair they once had.
___Helped those girl who want to be queen in the party
And more!
We are immensely grateful to touch the lives of each one of our customers.
Just take a look below at some of our favorite customer stories throughout the past years:
Loyal customer: Aria
I love my new lace fronta wig, I purchased it from Alibliss humanhair company. The wig is so amazing. The hair  

smells very well, the texture is good, most importantly, the wig fit me perfectly. The customer service is so good,  

they answer all my q…

Why you should choose Alibliss as your supplier?

Are you considering buying some hair products for some special occasion, but feel a little confused 
when you confront so many supplier, especially when you see some bad review about the supplier, 
you are not sure If it is worth taking the plunge. So I am here to help you make a right decision.
In this blog, I will share some knowledge about how to confirm If the hair products is high-end hair 
products. Hair products are not only for the hair loss issue, but also for the person who want to 
change their hair color and style every day. Thus you do not need to damage your own hair. You 
could change your appearance everyday. Is it so amazing, right?

1.Hair material :  Hair quality is the most important factor when you choose a wig, hair quality decide how long you could use the wig. Our hair is 100% Remy human hair which is from one health donor, you could check our youtube video show.

2.Hair Volume : Our company only make the high density wigs, 150%, 180% and 250% density.
High density wigs c…

How to confirm If your wig is real human hair

Wig become more and more popular in recently years, every girl have at least two wigs preparing for different occasion. Some customer know hair products very well, they always could buy high quality with low price products, but some customers know a little about the human hair products, they are even not familiar with the terms of the human hair products. Not even mention to buy a high quality products.

How to confirm If your wig is made of real human hair is a very hot topic. Some wigs is actually made of 100% human hair which is collected from one healthy donor, some wig is made of animal such as yak. Some wigs is made of synthetic material. Different material has different feature and different price, you could choose the wig material according to your needs, If you want to change your style very often, you could choose the synthetic material, it is very cheap and bring new style. If you want to dye. Perm, bleach your hair, you could choose the 100% human hair. Thus can handle heat…