How to choose a 360 Lace frontal wigs?

Wig has become more and more popular in recently years. It could meet different persons’ requirements. Some people want to change their hairstyle everyday, some people want to change the hair color every day. Some people had to meet hair loss problem. So the wigs could solve all the problems for those kinds of person. Firstly, worker sew the bundles with the frontal to get a lace frontal wigs, It is very cheap and convenient for the people at that situation. Afterwards, with the development of the people’s requirements, more and more people want to part the hair on anywhere of the wig, so there appears full lace wigs. But the price of full lace wigs is very expensive. Most of people could not afford it. In order to reduce the price of the wigs and meet more people’s requirements. David design the 360 lace frontal wigs. It could part in the front part and put a high ponytail at the back. So 360 lace frontal wig is becoming more and more popular among users of wigs with its outstanding …

Where should you buy a human hair wigs?

Spring is the beauty of the season, In this season, you could take off the heavy coat and put on the 
fashional Spring clothes. It is so stunning. In this season, you could show your beauty very well. You 
could make up or dress fashion clothes and so on.
More and more people tend to use wigs to dress themselves up. Some people are out of hair, some 
people are dissatisfied with their hair style, and others are completely out of the needs of cosplay. 
Whatever, most of them are confused about choosing wigs.
Now I will share some experience to you about buying and wholesaling cheap human hair wigs.
Four Things to choose the Right Human hairwigs.
Human hair wigs are harvested from natural hair, so you can feel it comfortable naturally when you 
wear it. Synthetic wigs are chemical fibers made by some special technology which looks very 
similar to real hair. Because of the special advantage of human hair wigs, you are always worth 
buying one.
1.Flattering the shape of your face Since the protruding…

What kind of wig you should wear in Spring?

There is a proverb that the year’s at the Spring. It indicate that Spring is very import in a year. Spring is a time when everything comes back to life, Spring is the beginning of all the wonderful things.
The woman’s who love beauty began to take off the heavy coat, wearing the fashional Spring clothing. Hairstyle is very important for ever lady who love beauty. So some lady choose to dye hair, some lady choose to perm hair. As we know, dye or perm your hair will hurt your hair very seriously.
Some girl wonder how I can change my hairstyle and hair color everyday? In order to meet this requirements, there was this things called wigs. In the beginning, they only have a little choice, with the development of the technology, there is more and more choice in wigs no matter the hair color and the hair texture. Hair texture include the bodywave, straight, small curly, natural curly and so on. The color include #613 color, 1B/4/27 color, pink color and so on.
There is a popular topic which kin…

How to restore human hair wigs

Wigs are very popular in modern society, it is very easy to wear and wash. Especially, with the development of the wigs workmanship, the variety becomes more and more abundant. It has more than ten texture is avaiable, especially the body wave, straight, kinky straight, small curly hair is the most popular texture. It also has more than ten color is avaiable, especially the #613 color, 1B/27 color, pink color is the most hot sell color.
Wigs made of 100% human hair typically last longer than other kind of material, and it looks and feel more natural than synthetic wigs. In fact, they are available in all colors, sizes and styles. It is very easy to change your look through change your hairstyle, No matter you wear it every day or just for special occasions. If your wig becomes tangled,frizzy, or matted, do not throw it away. Only If you know how to restore your human hair wigs. Clean and detangle your wigs using bleach and ammonia, then use hot water and conditioner to return some of …

What is human hair wigs made of ?

Wigs has a long history in many country of the world, The wigs may have been used as loong as 100,000 years ago, Wigs are very popular among ancient Egyptians. soon afterwards, The British lady start to use the wigs. The early wigs are made of synthetic hair, It looks unnatural and thick, the price is very high in that period.
With the development of the technological level, wigs material and craftsmanship has been enhanced significantly. It looks very natural and vivid, and the way of wearing is very convenient, but the most importantly is that the price is very low.
So the wigs are becoming more and more popular in modern society. Some person wear it for the prosthetic reason, some person wear it for cosmetic reason or convenience reasons. No matter what reason it is, the 100% human hair wigs are people’s favourite hair products.
Why people like the 100% human hair wigs? This is because of the carftsmanship of the human hair wigs. From different degree of the human hair wigs, It has d…

How to make your curls last longer

Every girl want to own a beautiful, flawless, bouncy curls, since the curly hair looks very shine and 
attractive. But many girls wonder how to keep beautiful, flawless curls last all day.
Today, I want to share some useful tips with you on how to make your curls last longer. By 
the way, all these tips also work for body wave and kinky straight hair. I hope my advice is 
useful for all the girls.
Usually, we use hot tools like a curling iron or flat iron for well defined curls or waves. You can also 
create heat-free curls by using rollers, scrunching your hair, braiding it, or twisting it.
The following step is the basically procedure to curly your hair.
1.Heat up the curling iron. Most curling irons will need about 5 minutes to heat up before you use it. If the temperature did not reach a certain temperature, the curly could not hold very well. 2.Apply a thermal protectant product to your hair before styling. Then, the curl sections no larger than the iron and use a heat setting appropriate…

How to dye or perm a human hair wigs?

Every girl likes to own a long black hair just every boy want to own a strong body. So many girl  likes to go to the hairdresser salon to change her hairstyle. Hair coloring and perm is the most  common way to add the beauty of the hair. But hair coloring and perm will damage their natural hair, So many girl likes to wear the human hair wigs, then they could perm and color the wig by themselves. But how to perm and dye the wigs could reduce the damage the wigs.
Many girl wonder that dye and perm which kind of hairstyle hurt the human hair wigs more seriously. In this blog, I will make a brief introduction about how to dye and perm the human hair wigs.
When you want to perm a human hair wigs, firstly, you should wash your wigs, then take a thin strand of hair from the middle section, then wrap the hair strand around a curling rod.Place the end of the hair strand on top of a curling rod. Wrap the hair around the curling rod until you reach your scalp, then close the rod.
You do not need to …